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 Award in Bouldering and Climbing (ABC)




The National Climbing Community annually honors the best climbers of Luxembourg with the Award in Bouldering and Climbing (ABC)For each event labeled with the "ABC Award", participants will be awared as follow: 


  • 1 pts for participating
  • 3 pts for the 3rd place
  • 5 pts for the 2nd place
  • 7 pts for the 1st place


Are labeled with the ABC Award the following events:





ABC 2017



Click here for the female Ranking.

Click here for the male Ranking.




Wall of Fame



The best male and female climbers are listed below in the Wall of Fame and receive the ABC Award.




Award in Bouldering & Climbing


1st place Ladies: Aurélie Brouschert
2nd place Ladies: Sandy Kirtz
3rd place Ladies: Alice Creupelandt 

1st place Men: Raphael Coronado
2nd place Men: Leandro Brouschert
3rd place Men: Lars Migge 


1st place Ladies: Laurence Wagner

1st place Men: Jay Hoffmann


1st place Ladies: Laurence Wagner

1st place Men: Romain Houtsch