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Hard Moves Boulderleague

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The Hard Moves Boulderleague is the biggest bouldering competition worldwide, bringing together teams from bouldering and climbing gyms all across Europe. In 2016, Luxembourg participated for the very first time in this amazing event.



The Hard Moves Boulderleague takes place in three consecutive rounds. During the qualification period each participating gym will set custom-tagged problems. Each athlete then has four to eight weeks to try and send these problems. After qualifying is completed, participating gyms will assemble their best athletes into teams, which will then be pitted against one another in the Regional Battles. The best gym teams from these Battles then qualify with their top athletes for the Final Round



Team Luxembourg 2016




Women: Cynthia Neiertz, Sandy Kirtz, Nicole Heimann, Carole Merens, Marie Nitz, Alicia Creupelandt and Stéphanie Lima

Men: Anselm Geimer, Jay Hoffmann, Romain Houtsch, Lars Migge, Olivier Reinard, Frank Seny, Tom Kauthen, Tim Loutsch, Gilles Cosyn, Marc Morocutti, Manuel Krohmann and Sven Schortgen