Medernach, Dieudonné, & Memmert (2021): Introducing Indoor Bouldering to High School Students: A Self-Reported Perception Analysis of Various Short-Term Training Regimen.

Bouldering is an increasingly popular climbing discipline that was to make its debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. In particular, indoor bouldering on artificial climbing walls consists of a worthwhile physical education activity, as children can perform ad hoc a versatile number of low-height tasks under safe conditions and without specific equipment. The purpose of the study was to investigate how non-experienced high school students perceive various short-term bouldering regimen.


Oral Presentation at the 23rd Annual International Conference on Education, 17-20 May 2021, Athens, Greece.

Medernach, Jakob, & Memmert (2020): The System Board: An Effective Training Tool in Indoor Bouldering?

Oral Presentation at the 25th ECSS Anniversary Congress 2020 in Sevilla (SPA). 

Key words: bouldering; system wall; small-sized bouldering wall; strength; local endurance.


J. Medernach, H. Kleinöder, & H. Lötzerich (2015): Vibration Training in Indoor Bouldering: Effects on Strength and Endurance.

E-poster at the 20th annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science.

Key words: vibration stimuli; indoor bouldering; strength; local endurance.


J. Medernach (2015): Ausdauer im Wettkampf-Bouldern: Conditio sine qua non oder nonsense?

E-Poster of the N.C.C.

Key words: local endurance; competitive bouldering; interval bouldering.


Medernach (2014): Effect of Moonboard Training on Grip Strength in Bouldering.

E-poster of the N.C.C.

Key words: moonboard; strength, bouldering.